What type of wedding dress is suitable for a winter wedding?

What type of wedding dress is suitable for a winter wedding?

Many couples decide to get married in the winter months.  The romance of snow and log fires. Candles. Sparkle and glitter. Often it’s easier to book that venue you have always wanted and there might even be some negotiation on price. So, you book the church or registry office.  Find an ideal venue for your wedding breakfast. Somewhere with log fires and a tree lined drive, which will look magical with a dusting of snow, or glitter of frost.  It all seems perfect.

And then you suddenly panic. What about your wedding gown?

Don’t worry.  Proposals are very experienced about advising brides and their bridal party on what to wear for a particular season. We have an extensive range of wedding gowns that are perfect for those crisp, cold days when the sun is low and the shadows are long.

Winter brides need to be warm. There is nothing worse than shivering and trying to smile for the photographer.  One idea is to choose a gown with sleeves. You do not have to have full- length sleeves and these gowns can simple or ornate, classic or contemporary.  Some of our brides like lots of crystal and sparkle. Others opt for something very minimalist, elegant and unadorned.

Another option is to choose a wedding gown with a collar. Remember if you are going to choose a collar; make sure it sits well with your hairstyle for the wedding day.  Always inform your hairdresser about your choice and they can help you decide on the best hairstyle.

Want to know one of the best-kept secrets about winter weddings?

Proposals tell all their winter brides, the best tip is to wear layers.  The advance in technology means that you can wear a top which is as fine as gossamer and will keep you as warm as toast. No one will know its under your gown and there will be no teeth chattering as you walk up the aisle or pose for your photographs by a snow dusted tree.

As well as wearing layers, you can choose a stunning gown with a jacket or add a shrug or pashmina.  Don’t forget your bridesmaids who will also feel the cold. One essential element part of weddings is trying to capture the day in photographs for posterity. Rounding up the guests and finding Aunty Mabel takes time. There will always be quite a bit of standing around, so it’s important you don’t forget your bridesmaids, who will also feel the cold. You might want to choose a pashmina to go with your bridesmaids’ gowns. How about some colour, to brighten a dark, winter’s day?

At Proposals, we have the experience and expertise to help you find the right gown for your winter wedding. There is something incredibly romantic about being married in the depths of winter, when wedding gowns twinkle and candles shine in the dark. We love all weddings whatever the season, but there is something special about a winter wedding.

Together we can help you find the perfect winter wedding gown.  Whether its lace, crystal, silk, plain or embellished, you will smile and sparkle, not turn blue and shiver on your special day.

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