What NOT to do when choosing a wedding gown

What NOT to do when choosing a wedding gown

Having sleepless nights about the choice of your wedding gown?

As a bride, it can appear overwhelming choosing what to wear for your wedding day.  There are so many choices of styles and designs, fabrics and shades of white and ivory. Traditional. Contemporary. Minimalist. Flamboyant. How do you know which is the gown for you? Don’t panic. The team at Proposals is very experienced and can offer advice and suggestions to ensure you select a gown, which is perfect for your wedding.

Follow these tips and make this part of your wedding an enjoyable experience.

Don’t leave it too late

You will not want to choose a gown in a hurry and end up with something that does not match your expectations.

Do allow yourself enough time to make your final choice.  Start early and do research.  Read magazines. Check websites. Look at what your friends and family have chosen for their special day.  Create a folder or clipboard to bring with you for your appointment.  Include accessories, such as jewelry and other accessories, which have chosen to complement your wedding gown.

It is not unusual for brides to either loose or gain weight prior to the date of the wedding. This means you need to allow time for your gown to be altered, if necessary.

Are you having a long engagement?

Weddings are often booked a long time in advance.  Popular venues for receptions and churches and hotels have to be booked a long time in advance.  Once that has been done, you may wish to wait before choosing your wedding gown.  It can be hugely disappointing for a bride to choose a gown, only to find a preferred design from the following season’s collection.


Nothing is worse than feeling you are settling for second best. Don’t start looking at wedding gowns until you have set your budget. This will avoid the disappointment of finding ‘the gown of your dreams’ and discovering it is not financially feasible.  If you have this discussion at the outset, Proposals will be able to show you a wide selection of stunning wedding gowns within your price range.  It is important to remember that price is not the deciding factor on choosing the best gown. The most important consideration is selecting a gown, which flatters your body shape and makes you feel a confident and beautiful bride.

Don’t choose your gown without considering the following:

  • Will it be comfortable to wear all day?
  • Can you move/breathe in it?
  • Can you sit in it?
  • Can you dance in it?
  • Does it flatter you from all angles?

All these questions are important.  You may have chosen the most stunning gown ever made, but it’s not the one for you if you can’t move. Who wants to be a bride who can’t dance because the figure- hugging gown is too restrictive? Who wants to wear a gown that only looks complimentary from the front? Who wants to sit at the reception and not be able to breathe? Proposals understand that a gown needs to enhance and flatter a bride, but it also needs to fulfill these essential criteria. Otherwise, it could end up putting a damper on your special day.

Don’t bring the wrong people to your wedding gown appointment

Think carefully about who is best suited to help you choose your wedding gown.  Bring someone whose opinion you trust and who will be honest and truthful. And kind.  Remember it your special day.  You are the bride and will have a good idea of what you want to look like for your fiancé.  Sometimes bringing a large group can end up with confusing and conflicting advice. Our team at Proposals can make suggestions and have the experience to guide you and help you make the right choice.

Remember these useful tips and you will walk down the aisle, radiant and confident in the knowledge that your choice of wedding gown is perfect.

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