What To Do With Your Wedding Dress After The Wedding

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What To Do With Your Wedding Dress After The Wedding

Your wedding dress is one of the most important items of clothing you will ever purchase. It is not just a dress, it a symbol of your fairy tale and is the dress that transforms you from a woman to a princess. After the magic of your wedding day, the dress remains as a token of your emotion and memory of a magical day. So, after your wedding day, why would you resign the dress to the back of the wardrobe, never to be seen again?

While it may not be wholly appropriate for you to wear your wedding dress every day after your wedding (although we all want to!), there are many other ways you can incorporate the magic and memories of your wedding dress into everyday life. Here are some of the best ideas to carry the beauty and magic of your wedding dress wherever you go after your wedding.

1. Create An Art Piece
An excellent way to decorate your home as newlyweds is to celebrate and display aspects of your big day. Break the mould by creating an artistic and creative collage using fabric from your wedding dress and other aspects you want to remember. A shadow box is a great way to create stylish art to liven up your living space and let you see your wedding dress every single day.

2. Think About The Future
Are you planning on welcoming some new additions to your new family? A wedding dress can be transformed into a beautiful christening gown which has even more meaning behind it. Don’t worry if you’re not a skilled seamstress; many companies can turn your wedding dress into something new for another happy celebration of love.

3. Lacy Lingerie
Another incredibly innovative and special way to preserve the magic of your wedding day is to transform your dress into custom designed lingerie. A perfect way to spice up your wedding anniversaries or just to wear underneath your work clothes for a secret smile..

4. Jewellery
Wearing your wedding dress every day is now achievable by taking a small section of your gown and interweaving it into jewellery. Consider adding a small section in a locket or creating a large centrepiece design with the fabric. It is guaranteed to attract compliments, and when it does, you’ll beam with pride when you tell people it is your wedding gown.

5. Hand Me Down
Choosing your own wedding dress is a magical experience, so don’t pin your hopes on your children or siblings wanting to wear your dress. Instead, you can pass down your dress in a smaller but unique way. Creating a garter from your wedding dress is a perfect gift for someone’s big day and fulfils the quota of something old and borrowed. Another way to give your dress as a gift is with a bouquet wrap or to create a purse for the rings.

Before you start thinking about what to do with your dress post-wedding, you need to find your perfect wedding dress. At Proposals in Crawley, we offer a truly bespoke service to help you find the dress. With a wide range of magical and breath-taking dresses, visit our shop to find your perfect wedding dress and make it last a lifetime.

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