Wedding dress fittings at Proposals

What you can expect from Proposals when purchasing your wedding gown from us:

Once you have decided on your perfect wedding gown, we then need to ensure you get the perfect fit.  We will order the size closest to yours, however most gowns will need to be altered slightly as everyone has a different body shape and height.

Fittings are carried out in our shop.  It is usual to have 2 fittings, the first being around 8-10 weeks before your big day.

For your first fitting it is advisable to bring along the shoes you plan to wear on the day and any accessories if possible, this way you can get a true feeling of what the final look will be like.  Please try not to wear fake tan as it may rub off on your dress.

We need to check there is no noticeable crinkling, gathering or scrunching of material, that you are comfortable when wearing your gown and can move easily, that the dress remains secure as you move and for full-length dresses, that your hem rests on the top of your shoes.

Please feel free to let us know if you feel something is not looking as you wish it to.  If you are dissatisfied for any reason we will continue to arrange fittings until you are entirely happy with your gown.

Once your dress has been fitted to your body perfectly we can store your gown in a controlled environment and it is then steamed and pressed 1-2 days before the wedding.

For overseas weddings, we can package the gown in a travel box, which complies with airport regulations and can be stored in the overhead locker.

After your big day, to preserve your gown, we advise you have it dry cleaned and then wrap it in sheets of ph neutral tissue paper and store it in a ph neutral dress box.  This service is also provided by many dry cleaning companies.

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