Top Tips To Be The Perfect Maid Of Honour

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Top Tips To Be The Perfect Maid Of Honour

There is nothing that says friendship and trust quite like being asked to be the Maid of Honour or Chief Bridesmaid.
You have not only been invited to someone’s special day; you are a part of it. With a great role comes great responsibility. So, to make sure your best friend’s big day goes smoothly here are the five top tips to ensure a perfect wedding day.

1. Be there from the start
As soon as the bride has asked you to be a part of your big day, your job starts as soon as you accept. That means you are there to support her in every pre-wedding task, whether its wedding workouts, dress shopping or centrepiece making. You need to be as involved as she wants you to be, so try and be accommodating; organising a wedding is a big task.

2. Look after the hens as well as the bride
Often a bridal party is a mix of friends and family of the bride, while she considers you all close to her, you may not always know each other. As a Maid of Honour, it is important that you include all the hens and make sure that everyone is involved and feels part of the group. It’s important to make sure you get to know people in the hen party so you can organise a great send off for the bride that accommodates all her nearest and dearest.

3. Give praise and advice
Your friend has taken on a daunting task in creating the perfect wedding, so make sure that the bride knows how well she’s managed it, particularly if she is stressed or nervous. Compliment aspects of her wedding plans and you are guaranteed to make her day. Remember that while it is the bride’s day, she may want advice from you. If the bride asks for your opinion don’t reply with ‘whatever you think is best’, this doesn’t help her make a decision. Offer your honesty, but remember you may need to sugar coat it.

4. Offer to buy your own dress
We all know how expensive weddings can be and while it is a tradition for the bride to pay for the bridesmaid dresses, this is not always practical. Offer your generosity and help her cut the costs of her wedding. Even if she refuses, she’ll appreciate your kind offer.

5. Organise an incredible hen party
Your main duty is to be the one that organises the best send-off that the bride could wish for. It is an important occasion for any bride and is a responsibility you should take seriously. Don’t organise a wild and messy night if that isn’t what the bride enjoys; there are so many options available that you can arrange a perfectly tailored party that is all that the bride wants.

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