Top tips for getting the groom to shine too

Top tips for getting the groom to shine too

Top tips for getting the groom to shine too

Wedding days are not just about the bride. While it’s true that a bride may monopolise attention for a large part of the day, the day is all about the couple and that means that the groom will be front and centre as well. So how do you make sure that you are ready for the big day and look as good as you wife-to-be? This month we thought we would focus on the groom and how he can look the part on his big day.

It’s all about the fit
Whether you are renting or buying, going for a suit or a tux, the fit needs to be perfect. You can get any suit altered, even rentals, to make sure that it is right for you. A few things to keep in mind when trying on suits are:

  • The trousers should feel comfortable whether you are sitting or standing. They should cover around a third of your shoes when standing.
  • The jacket should not pull open and the collar should lay flat. Move around, raise your arms and turn around to make sure it does not pull anywhere or feel tight. You don’t want to be restricted, especially when showing off your moves on the dance floor!
  • The jacket sleeve should show off no more than half an inch of shirt cuff.


Work with your body type
Dressing according to what suits you is key to getting you to look sharp and suave. Darker colours will help you look slimmer, as will a suit that is tailored at the waist to give the illusion of a leaner shape. If you need to look a little broader, opt for a double-breasted jacket and if you are aiming for taller, try a two- or even three-button jacket.

Suit or tuxedo?
That comes down to a matter of preference. One thing to keep in mind though is that your outfit should suit the venue and theme of the day. A white tux may look a little out of place at a beach wedding, for example. For daytime weddings something a little less formal may be appropriate, whereas a tuxedo would be more suitable for an evening event at a swanky venue.

It may sound old-fashioned, but coordinating with your bride shows that you are in sync with each other and ready to step into your new life, stronger together. She may not show you her dress, but can give you a hint as to the style so that you are not at opposite ends to what she’s wearing. She can also give you a hint around colour, and that can also be easily coordinated with the theme and colour of the wedding itself – think decorations, colour of flowers, etc. You also want to coordinate your groomsmen’s suits with yours. It could be the same suit, or it could be as simple as sticking to the same style – if you are going for a tuxedo, your groomsmen should as well. Finally, you can coordinate your groomsmen’s style with that of the bridesmaids too; go retro or go modern, but don’t go for both!

At Proposals Crawley we don’t only dress the bride, we can dress the groom and his groomsmen too. Talk to us about tailored suit or tuxedo rental and we can help you and your bride to coordinate your styles for the ultimate wedding day chic. You can either drop in, or call 01293 521635 to make an appointment.

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