To fake tan or not to fake tan – that is the question?

To fake tan or not to fake tan – that is the question?

Brides have a choice between walking down the aisle with snowy, pearly skin tones or taking the fake tan route.  It really is a question of personal preference.  A bride can look equally beautiful and radiant whether opting for pale or tanned, so it really is a question of personal preference.  Some people only feel confident when they have a tan.  Others refer to be natural and pale.  Whichever route you take, the key to success is preparation.

Pale Brides

If you decide not to have fake tan, take time to find someone who will help you with your make up for your wedding day. This may be a friend or you may wish to seek professional help.  It is important to remember a few simple rules.

Bridal make up is very different from the make up you wear to work or going out with friends.  It needs to last all day. Try a range, which is long lasting and will get you through the day and the evening.  You need colour, to contrast with the white or ivory of your bridal gown.  Accentuate your eyes and they will look stunning and stand out in your wedding photos. Always allow enough time to have a trial for your wedding make up. Wear a white top, which will give you an idea of the contrast with your make up, and bridal gown.

Honey kissed Brides

If you prefer to be tanned, you will need to be clear about the look you are trying to achieve for your wedding day.  The aim should be a radiant, healthy glow, rather than a deep tan, which might not be so flattering with your bridal gown.  You may be experienced with applying fake tan or might prefer to have your tan done at a beauty salon.

Try to remember the following tips:

Do not get a spray tan done the day before your wedding.  Have a few trial runs. This way you will be confident about the skills of the beautician and happy that she has understood your brief. Explain that you want a natural looking, healthy glow. Before going to the salon, make sure you have exfoliated.  Do not wear moisturiser, deodorant or perfume.  Wear something loose, like a tracksuit, rather than your skinny jeans.

If you are self-tanning at home, do not leave it to the last minute.  You will not want to wake up on your wedding day and notice white patches on your skin.  The same rules apply as spray tanning. Exfoliate well and do not apply moisturiser or use deodorant or perfume.  Allow time for your body to cool down after showering, as this allows the pores of the skin to close.  Use good quality tanning products as these will give you a natural look and avoid a streaky, patchy tan.

Whether you choose to be alabaster pale or want a radiant glow, preparation is the key to everything.  Plan ahead and feel confident that you will be a beautiful bride on your wedding day.

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