Thinking of a Spring Wedding?

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Thinking of a Spring Wedding?

Spring brings new life, new joy, and new hope. It’s also the traditional season for couples to tie the not. If you’re thinking of a spring wedding, then you may feel there’s a need for you to stick to a ‘traditional’ template, but that ain’t necessarily so. Like most things in life, some rules can be bent, and others can even be broken.

Flowers, flowers everywhere

One of the joys of spring of course is to see the barrenness of winter being washed away by swathes of colour as flowers begin to bloom. Weddings tend to be flower-friendly affairs anyway, but a Spring wedding seems to be an excuse for brides to become flower fanatics.

This does not mean you have to limit your floral displays to just blooms – not at all. Why not be a little more creative by adding moss or river rocks to your centrepieces? Or get really dramatic with quince or cherry blossoms? This will allow you to temper your displays, and they’ll look great as altar flowers or on the tables at your reception.

It’s cold outside!

Spring in the UK can be a little temperamental it has to be said. Sometimes winter just doesn’t want to leave, and there’s a reason April is associated with showers. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wait until the summer if your heart is set on an outdoor celebration.

All you need to do is make contingency plans if the weather does take a turn for the worse. Check with your venues to see how well they can accommodate indoors. You could also have a marquee on stand-by, just in case!

Spring means pastel shades

Think of spring and you probably think of greens, yellows, and whites. Just because you are holding your wedding in the spring that doesn’t mean you are forced to adhere to a spring-style colour scheme.

Why not give the pastel shades the heave-ho and opt for something a little more dynamic? Imagine how your guests will feel as they leave their spring world of natural, springtime colours and enter a room bedecked in vibrant purples, red and oranges? Just try not to go too overboard, though!

Welcome in the day with daytime nuptials

Summer weddings usually take place in the afternoon, whereas people seem to associate spring weddings as a lunchtime affair, or even earlier! If you’d prefer an evening ceremony and reception, then don’t let the fact that the sun willing be setting around 8pm put you off.

A brunch-time ceremony can mean that the day might seem to drag and people may have run out of energy before the evening shenanigans arrive. If you’d prefer a more compact day, then go for it!

Spring really is a great time for a memorable ceremony that neither you nor your guests are likely to forget. Why not be inventive and break some ‘spring wedding rules’ to give your day that extra-special edge?

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