Think you don’t need a wedding planner? Here are five reasons why you might be wrong …

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Think you don’t need a wedding planner? Here are five reasons why you might be wrong …

Your big day will be a memorable one – but hopefully for the right reasons. To make sure the knot is firmly tied without mishap, it takes a lot of planning, and you might be tempted to do all the planning yourself.

Sometimes, if you book a venue that deals with a lot of weddings, then they might supply an in-house planner. That’s a tempting idea too, but sometimes it’s best to go with an independent wedding planner.

Here are five reasons why hiring the services of a wedding planner is a great idea:

You will save money

You might not believe it, but actually paying someone to deal with all the planning often works out cheaper than doing the planning yourself. The reasons? Well, wedding planners will have already negotiated discounts with companies who will supply stationery, food, flowers and all the other aspects needed for a successful wedding. These discounts are just not available to the general public.

You will save time

Getting everything spot on with a wedding takes a great deal of planning, and you simply may not have the time to do this effectively. You will have work, your relationship and your normal day-to-day living to take care of at the same time as well. Your wedding planning will start to impinge on your life in a big way, so you can save yourself time by allowing someone else to deal with it.

You’ll get better control of your budget

If you are planning your own wedding, then you’ll feel a natural tendency to splash out (as this is the biggest day of your life) and go over-budget. This could create problems, and a huge bill at the end of proceedings is sure to take the gloss off your memorable day. A wedding planner will work within your specified budget, and will keep you in check if you’re tempted to splurge.

You’ll receive a personalised service

Isn’t it a bit odd that you’re doing the planning yourself when you think about it? After all, it’s unlikely you’ve ever planned a wedding before. A professional wedding planner will have pieced together numerous weddings, and will have a clear idea of what works and what doesn’t, and what can be done to make the day truly special. Their experience is there for you to use.

You’ll have the best chance of a truly special day

A professional wedding planner will have pride in their job, and will dedicate themselves to making sure your big day goes as smoothly and as successfully as possible. If you do the planning yourself, you simply won’t have the same amount of time and expertise, so there’s a greater chance of a planning mishap or something being forgotten.

If you want to make your nuptials a true, once-in-a-lifetime experience then why leave things to chance? Hire the services of a professional wedding planner and they will do all they can to guarantee your big day runs smoothly from start to finish.

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