Take the stress out of choosing your dress

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Take the stress out of choosing your dress

If the prospect of choosing the perfect wedding dress is driving you barmy, then don’t despair. This blog will go through many of the do’s and don’ts of making your dream selection when it comes to selecting your dress. Read on for plenty of tips designed to alleviate the stress associated with such a crucial wedding day decision.

Get in early

 There are only a limited number of wedding dresses to go around, so if you do leave your choice too close to your big day and especially if it’s a summer wedding, then you may be disappointed at what’s available. Additionally, book an early morning appointment, that way the shop will be less crowded. However, we will always give a bride our full attention whatever the time of day.

Don’t concentrate on the bottom …

 … of the dress, not your own posterior. Lots of blushing brides fall in love with a long, flowing dress with a gorgeous hem, but you must remember that most other people will be concentrating on the top of your dress. When it comes to your wedding photos, it’s the top that will be seen the most often.

Don’t concentrate on being trendy

The perfect wedding dress is one that truly stands the test of time, and is not one that’s in vogue for one fleeting moment because a celeb was seen wearing it to celebrate their nuptials. Your gown needs to be timeless, and your photos will provide evidence of that, now and forever. You need a wedding dress that merges both traditional and contemporary elements.

Keep trying, but don’t go mad!

You’re entitled to try on as many wedding dresses as you like, so keep hunting until you find the one that truly brings the best out of your size and shape. Take all day if necessary … but don’t rush it and try one dress on for a few fleeting seconds, then another, then another … the more you try on, and the less attention to detail you take, the more indecisive you will become.

Don’t bring everyone!

All your wedding party will have different thoughts and opinions about what they see as the perfect dress for you, so the more people you bring to your fitting, the more thoughts and opinions you will have to listen to. Instead, choose a handful of friends whose opinions you really trust, or, even better, just your longest-serving and most respected friend. They will know you better than anyone, so they are more likely than anyone to be able to help you select the perfect wedding dress.

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