What style of wedding dress suits your body shape?

What style of wedding dress suits your body shape

What style of wedding dress suits your body shape?

For your perfect day, you need the perfect dress. But, where do you start your search? So often we will pour over magazines and Instagram looking at beautiful dresses, but when it comes to trying them on, they just seem to fall short of the mark. So how do you refine your search for you to find the best dresses that will make you look fabulous?
The answer is your body type.
Your body type holds the answer to the perfect dress shape and cut that will make you feel like a princess. By focusing your search based on models and photographs of people with a similar body type, you will find it much easier to land your perfect dress and have the best day of your life.

How to find the perfect dress for your body type


If you have broader shoulder and a full bust, then you want to emphasise your features. Opt for a dress with deep V neckline which draws the eye line along the vertical of your dress, rather than the horizontal line. Choose a dress that accentuates the smallest part of your waistline that cinches you in a flattering style. A corset style dress with an A-shaped flare works best for this body type.


If your hips are wider than your shoulders, then a floor-length flowing gown will focus on your waist and bust and skim your hips and thighs. Find a floating style dress comprised of structured fabrics that will skim rather than cling. A bodice with thin straps will accentuate and draw attention to your slender upper body. Taffeta, eyelet lace and raw silk are perfect materials for a flowing dress with maximum impact.


For a smaller frame and delicate features, a sheath or trumpet style dress works wonders at accentuating your frame. Choose a high waistline that gives the appearance of a longer frame. Minimal and small detailing works best so as to make you the main attraction, not your dress. Full-length dress with a bodice works well, but you may want to avoid midi-length dresses which can make you appear shorter.


A simple and elegant dress will give you a stunning silhouette and emphasise your natural shape and ethereal style. To maximise the flow of the dress you need to focus on the hemlines, the bottom of the dress should skim the floor. Sleeve lengths can vary for a taller frame, so try a range of lengths, but keep the dress simple to maintain an elegant flow.


To give an illusion of curves and to fill out the upper body, focus on embellishment, detail and fuller material on the bodice of the dress. Strapless and halter-neck styles work really well for small-chested frames. Also, look for dresses with additional ruching which can make your chest and upper body feel fuller.


For bigger-chested women, a wedding dress should emphasise your assets but also be discreet and modest. For your wedding dress, the key element is the neckline. A sweetheart or scooped neckline flatters your chest without showing too much cleavage, whereas a straight neckline will often be uncomfortable to wear, giving a much larger bust appearance. Opt for satin and silk for the material to give a great sheen and smooth outline.

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