One not-so-small step for a man (or a woman) … counting down to your big day

One not so small step for a man (or a woman) … counting down to your big day

One not-so-small step for a man (or a woman) … counting down to your big day

Your big day will – hopefully – be a once-in-a-lifetime event. The thought of getting everything organised from the invitations to the honeymoon and everything in between can seem quite a daunting one.

The best way to deal with the organisation is … organisation! Don’t try and keep everything inside your head – you’ll be asking for stress and headaches if you do! Share the responsibilities, and make certain you keep on track and on top of everything.

As the big day approaches, here are five invaluable tips that should help everything go swimmingly …

Plan meticulously

Make sure you have everything organised, and that everything is written down. Leave nothing to ‘chance’ – it’s helpful if you make a timetable of your wedding day, and make sure everything is planned hour upon hour.

Everyone involved should be sent a full copy of the plan, no matter how crucial their role. If everyone can see precisely what is happening, they will understand where they fit into the grand scheme of things.

Communication is key

There’s no excuse for mis-communication in this day and age. All your suppliers should be available at the end of a mobile phone at all times. Get together a list of numbers – mobile numbers, landline numbers, emergency numbers, email addresses, business addresses and home addresses.

Again, make sure everyone whom is important to the day has a copy. Many a potential disaster can be averted with a tiny bit of simple communication.

Delegate, but don’t overwhelm

Lots of people will have roles to play – your best man, your maid of honour, your flower girl, your bridesmaids, your parents and yourselves! Write down everything that needs to be done, and whom is expected to deal with it. Notice who needs to be where and when, and remember that nobody can be in two places at once! Review the tasks and see if anyone is likely to be overwhelmed – if so, enlist some help!

Getting the logistics right

Your wedding day is not just about people – it’s about places too! You’ll need access to the venues you are using prior to the start of your nuptials, so don’t assume that any venue will be open when you expect it to be. Some venues will allow you to set up well in advance, but some will not. Make sure you check, so you can deal with any logistical issues before they happen.

Liaising with the photographer

Your wedding photos are one of the most important elements of your day, and they will likely become your most treasured mementos. Sit down with your photographer so they now exactly what you expect from them – what you want in terms of shots. If they know precisely what they are doing, then there’s less likelihood they will rush, and you will feel less stressed.

Your wedding day will undeniably be a day to remember, but with lots of forward planning it will be a day to remember for all the right reasons. Getting everything sorted, and properly, will allow you to enjoy your day without stressing out about organisation, planning and everything that could possibly go wrong.


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