Winter weddings and how to be prepared for anything


Winter weddings and how to be prepared for anything

While there are some who avoid winter weddings, fearing that there are too many things that could go wrong, there are others who relish the thought of getting married in the winter time. What’s not to like, we ask. Winter can be so much more romantic than summer… The candlelight, the log fires, warming drinks, comfort food, and – not to be forgotten – the endless options of luxurious gown materials that give a winter wedding a very different sort of unforgettable quality.
As with any wedding, there are a few things to keep in mind and be prepared for, so we have put our heads together to come up with our top advice on how to do that.

The weather
Yes, top of the list and an important one wherever in the world you are getting married. When choosing your gown, and those of your bridesmaids too, keep in mind that it could be pretty cold especially if you are planning to have photos taken outdoors. Make sure you have enough warm layers; there are plenty to choose from, including faux fur, capes, shawls, or even a vintage wrap. You could also have a few warm blankets on hand which could double up as a layer to sit on either on a bench or on the ground. It’s also worth having a few large umbrellas handy in case it decides to rain.

Romantic lighting
Candles and fireplaces are the obvious choices when it comes to winter lighting and ones that you can’t really go wrong with as they create a glimmering, soft light as well as keeping your venue warm. You could also use fairy lights strategically placed around the space to create subtle lighting and a delicate glow. For outdoor areas you could create a candle-lit walkway using glass jars to keep the flames alive or even add some twinkling lights to the trees around your venue.

 Timing your photos
With light fading fast early in the winter time get your photos done sooner rather than later. This could either mean getting married earlier in the day or having your photos done before the ceremony. Keep that in mind when planning the day.

Keeping your guests warm
Indoors will no doubt be nice and warm but consider also those guests who may wish to step outside for some fresh air or for a smoke. Sheltered spots with fire pits or space heaters, and chairs and benches with cosy blankets – or even hot water bottles – will make sure they don’t feel left out in the cold.

Comfort food and warming drinks
Winter offers a wealth of food options for your guests. Think soups for starters and roasts or stews for main courses. Decadent desserts, such as apple pie or warm chocolate cake, are sure to please even the most demanding palates. When it comes to drinks talk to your caterers about winter cocktails or mulled wine and remember to have some hot chocolate ready for the little ones as well.

For wedding gown ideas, for both winter and summer weddings, make an appointment with our Proposals Crawley team – we would be delighted to help you find the perfect dress. Call us on 01293 521635 and we will get you booked in!

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