Who pays for the dress?

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Who pays for the dress?

When it comes to your wedding day, there are always worries and stresses around the costs. Who is expected to pay for the venue? The catering? The flowers? And of course, the dress? There are multiple different views that get taken on this topic daily. We’ve got the traditional and the financial ones. The views from the Grooms side, and those from the Brides. Allow us to walk you through the options of paying for that all-important dress, so that all you need to focus on is walking it down that aisle!

The traditional views

Traditionally, the Bride’s parents were responsible for the payment of the entire wedding. From the venue, to the dress. It was uncommon that the Grooms side volunteered any payment – especially towards the dress!

The financial views

Over time, it then became a common manner, or polite gesture, for the more financially stable side of the family to pay for the majority of the wedding, but with the other side pitching in their share also.

The Bride or the Groom?

In recent day, it is highly common for the Bride and Groom to pay their own way and in some families, it is expected – especially if they have lived alone for some time and have their own source of income.

Of course, you may have parents who have saved up their coins for years, waiting for your big day to arrive, and may request that they fit payment for the dress. You might also have that grandparent that ends up in floods of tears when watching you walk out of the bridal boutique’s dressing room in ‘the one’ and insists that they make the payment.

We also see weddings which don’t always line up with the traditions we have seen before us. With gender and culture becoming more fluid, the range of weddings has become diverse. With same gender marriages, there could be two gorgeous, white dresses requiring purchasing, or there could be none at all. With the freedom of wearing what you desire, we are also seeing a variety of bridal dresses from different cultures which come with their own set of rules, traditions and questions of “who pays for this?”.

These are all factors which vary from couple to couple, and family to family. In this day and age, there really is no right or wrong, we have seen and experienced it all! Have a chat with your partner and families – on both sides! – and work out a plan before shopping around for your big day. Ease any concern for the payments early on to allow you both to relax and enjoy creating your dream wedding together. Remember, you may only do this once in your lifetime, so enjoy it while you can!

If you are looking for that dream dress for your special day, contact us at Proposals Crawley to arrange an appointment with us. With a range of gorgeous gowns to suit each and every bride, we are sure that we can reveal ‘the one’ for you. Call us on 01293 521635 to arrange your fitting.

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