White, ivory, or colour for your wedding dress?


White, ivory, or colour for your wedding dress?

Wedding dresses and styles have come a long way over the last few years with brides having a much greater choice than they ever did. From more traditional longer dresses, to short, vintage ones, every bride can find the one that best suits her shape, wedding theme, and style. More recently, colour wedding dresses have been becoming increasingly popular too, making it an even harder choice for brides-to-be to find the right one. So how do you choose? Let us help, with a quick guide to the top things to keep in mind when considering your wedding dress colour.

Keeping with tradition
A white wedding dress is the ultimate in traditional style. White still conveys that sense of innocence and adds a fresh, almost youthful quality to the dress and look. It works equally well for a winter wedding – think winter wonderland – or a summer one – on a sandy beach or tropical island. It is especially suited to those with a darker or golden-coloured skin tone as it provides a beautiful contrast that brings out the best of both.

A luxurious feel
Ivory and champagne colours bring a more luxurious feel to a wedding dress. With a variety of shades available, you can play with how formal you want it to look or how elaborate, bringing in the different styles of dress to help you do that as well. Ivory will also work better with lighter skins tones – as well as with those golden or darker ones – so gives you a greater palette of options to choose from that will best complement your complexion.

A modern twist
It started with a few brides choosing pastel pinks a while back and has progressed to bold splashes of colour to a full-coloured or patterned wedding dress. While it is a more modern twist, it need not mean that your wedding isn’t traditional, as that will not just depend on the dress but on your theme, venue, and style of wedding as well.  But if you are looking to throw in that modern touch to your special day, adding colour is a great way to do it.

How to choose from all this colour that is suddenly available? Here are a few things to consider:

  • What is your favourite colour? Opt for the one that makes you happy and that will shine through on the day.
  • What suits your complexion? Red or green look good on some fair complexions but not on others so you should keep your options open on what hue to go for.
  • What does the groom like you in? While he may not mind as much as you what you do wear, he may have his own favourites that he likes to see you in.
  • What is the wedding theme colour? Find something that complements this rather than clashes with it. Colour is good, but too much of it can be jarring.
  • When is the wedding? Consider the season as spring, summer, autumn, and winter have their own palette of colours that you can choose from.
  • Full colour or patterned? If a solid block of colour is a bit too much, why not try a floral or patterned dress that adds splashes of colour instead?

Whatever you are thinking let our team at Proposals Crawley help you find your perfect dress. Feel free to drop in at any time for some advice or to browse, or make an appointment if you prefer by calling us on 01293 521635.

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