What to do with your wedding flowers after the big day

What to do with your wedding flowers after the big day

Wedding flowers play an important part in the look of your big day. They can be found in bouquets and buttonholes, on table decorations and increasingly as part of large floral installations. Regardless of how you choose to use flowers, you can be sure they’ll set the scene.

But what happens to the beautiful blooms after your big day is over? After hours of deliberation (and the creation of countless Pinterest boards), wouldn’t it be nice if you could do something to preserve the magic? We’ve pulled together a handy guide to give you a few ideas to make your flowers last.

Press them

The age-old tradition of pressing flowers can be a fabulous way of preserving elements of your bouquet or table decorations. Simply spread a selection of flowers onto parchment paper, lay it inside the pages of the heaviest book you can find, top with another sheet of parchment paper and wait for a week.

Once pressed, you can get creative! We’ve seen brides utilise dress silk and pressed flowers to create the backdrop for a frame, topping it off with a photo of the happy couple and a mounted buttonhole to complete the piece.  Alternatively, you could add the pressed petals to pages of your guest or photo book to tie your theme into the memories.

Dry them

Air drying is another quick and effective way to preserve your wedding bouquet. Once you’ve gathered up the stems, tie them together tightly and find a place from which to hang the bouquet; somewhere like the airing cupboard is ideal. They should be left alone for a couple of weeks but will be perfectly dried and ready for you to treasure forever once ready.

Immortalise them

Use your wedding flowers to keep your important paperwork in place. Send them off to a specialist company which can turn your blooms into a paperweight. Alternatively, with so many talented local artists around, why not commission someone to paint your bouquet so you can have it on display forever?

Preserve them

Silica gel (which is actually a porous sand) and epoxy resin are two great ways to preserve flowers. You can pick up either from most craft stores, and whilst both are easy to use we recommend you follow the packet’s instructions carefully. You could also use wax for preservation, but be aware that this only extends the life of flowers for around six months or so.

Recycle them

There are charities who accept flower donations, which are then re-arranged and presented as bouquets to hospital patients, care home residents and others in less fortunate positions, bringing a bit of joy to their lives from your big day.

Hopefully we’ve given you some inspiration for what you can do with your flowers after the big day. Whatever you do, remember to act fast! The sooner you start the preservation process the more vibrant, colourful, and unstained the petals will be. And for those of you dashing off on honeymoon straight after you say ‘I do…’, we recommend tasking your most creative bridesmaid with this important job!

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