What to do with your wedding dress after the big day


What to do with your wedding dress after the big day

In the run up to the wedding, so much of the talk is about what the bride is going to wear. Will it be a silk, satin, or lace dress? Will it be white, ivory, or a bolder colour? But what will happen to this one item of clothing that embodies the magic and love shared on that day isn’t something that’s often given much thought.

Fast forward to the day after the wedding. Your dress looks amazing hung up at home and reminds you of a fantastic day. Now fast forward three months; your dress still looks amazing and you’ve had it professionally dry cleaned, but what next?

Will it be loaded into the wardrobe or will you exile it to the loft in a box for safe keeping? Perhaps you want to save it for the next generation – even if fashions change they could incorporate some of the material into a new design, couldn’t they? Alternatively you might want to hold on to it forever, and who could blame you for not wanting to part with THE dress that made your day? But there are other options. For example, you could:

Get creative

  • Use the material for something else. Think christening gowns, a personalised pendant, or garters for friends and family. All of these will keep you in touch with your dress and the memories it evokes.
  • Frame it. Create fabulous wall art for your home using your dress as a backdrop. Simply add an invitation, lyrics from the first dance and a couple of photos and you have a great memento of such a special occasion.

Pass it on

  • Give it to charity. Knowing your dress will put a smile on someone else’s face whilst raising money for a good cause is a total win-win. Many high-street charity shops will take dress donations, and if you’d rather not see it on display in their window you could always take it to a shop out of town.
  • Sell it. If you love your dress, then someone else will too so you could recoup some of the cost and share the beauty of the gown with others. This is a particularly good idea if you’ve splurged on the dress of your dreams! There are lots of sites online that make this an easy task. You could even put the money you get towards a meal out or night away with your partner.

Trash it!

  • Go big for Halloween. Take your fancy dress game to the next level by going as the Corpse Bride. Everyone at the party will marvel at your dress, and you get to reminisce about the wedding all over again.
  • Rock your frock. After months of planning, photoshoots that feature the happy couple going wild in the sea (fab for destination weddings), taking part in a cake smash or undertaking a hobby like horse-riding, are a great way to capture some truly unique photos.

So once the big day has been and gone, what will you do? Our consultants are pretty split: some have saved their dresses and others have been a little more unconventional. Here at Proposals Crawley we are ready to help you find the perfect dress, no matter what you decide to do with it later. You can call us on 01293 521635 to book an appointment or simply drop in.

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