What fabric should I choose?

What fabric should I choose?

Choosing your wedding dress is a pretty exciting thing to do, isn’t it? You may have pictured how your wedding dress will look ever since you were a little girl, or the whole wedding idea may have caught you completely by surprise. Either way, while it can be an exciting time we can see how it may be a little stressful as well – there are so many decisions to make! This is what we’re here to help with, so let us take the stress out of the process and put the fun back into it. This month we look at some of the more popular types of fabric that wedding gowns are typically made from to help you narrow down your choices.


Perfect for a winter wedding, brocade is characterised by the raised designs – known as jacquard – that are deftly woven into the fabric. While considered a stiff material, it is actually lighter than satin making it ideal for a structured design for cooler weather.


One of the more popular fabric choices, chiffon gives your gown a very delicate touch. It is also an extremely light fabric, making it ideal for summer weddings, particularly if you are heading to a hotter location for your big day. It does easily lend itself to layering, so don’t be put off by its lightweight nature, you can still wear chiffon in cooler weather or climates, just be mindful of how delicate it is when considering your layers.


A luxurious, yet delicate and slinky fabric, charmeuse is ideal for those looking for a softly draped gown or a more free-flowing style such as an empire-line dress.


Primarily used as a decorative detail on a gown, lace is one of those fabrics that suits any style and shape. Choose from Chantilly or Venise, amongst others, and you will have plenty of designs to choose from.


As light and delicate as chiffon, it is a slightly stiffer material giving you more options in terms of dress structure. If you don’t want your entire gown to be made of organza, you could consider it as an underlayer or as the material for your train or veil.


One of the most used fabrics in wedding gowns, satin offers a wide variety of styles and its slightly thicker weave allows for more structured options as well. Draped or ruched, satin is a timeless classic.


Perhaps the most traditional fabric of all, silk offers an unsurpassed elegance whatever gown style or design you choose. It can be worn in any season and has a versatility not found in any other material.


With the fragility of chiffon and sophistication of organza, tulle brings the best of both in a fabric that can be used to add texture to gowns as much as for a ruched, structured effect.

For more ideas on fabrics, styles, and designs for your wedding gown, look no further than our consultants at Proposals Crawley. With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge they can take the stress out of finding the perfect dress and put the fun back into it. Just call us on 01293 521635 to make an appointment.

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