How to choose your wedding lingerie

How to choose your wedding lingerie

You’ve got the gown. You’ve got the shoes and you’ve already broken them in, so they don’t destroy your feet as you dance the night away. You have booked and paid for the venue. The caterer and bar have had your wedding day in their diaries for nearly a year now. Your theme is sorted, and your guest list is finalised. Your florist is on speed dial as you keep changing your mind about the flowers or want to add more to your order. Your bridesmaids and their outfits are all set. Surely, that’s it? There can’t be anything left to worry about or choose? Wait… Have you got your wedding lingerie yet?

You’d be surprised what little, yet important, things slip our mind as we focus on the big-ticket items. Your lingerie will only really be seen by you and your husband, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Almost every bride forgets to do something and we’re here to make sure you’re not the one who forgets about their lingerie.

Lingerie to match your dress

You want to get the right lingerie that works with the style of gown that you will be wearing. Key dress styles and their respective lingerie styles include:

  • Sheath dresses. For those lighter-flowing gowns you may want to consider a slip underneath to help cover any panty lines. Shapewear is another option, as it can hide any problem areas and smoothen out the lines of the dress. Look for something as close in colour and fabric as your dress to avoid any wardrobe mishaps should your gown slip.
  • Mermaid or fishtail dresses. A beautiful choice for those with an hourglass figure, accentuate and make the most of it with high-waisted lingerie that will pull your waist in. It will also hide any panty lines. There are plenty of choices on the market, from high-waisted thongs to separate bustiers.
  • Ballgowns. Many ballgown styles will have a build-in bustier, but if yours doesn’t then look for either a bustier or even a corset. A strapless bustier will work well if you don’t want the full structure of a corset and will lift your bust and nip in your waist just as well.
  • A-line dresses. Almost anything works for this style so choose something that you feel comfortable in. The only thing you may need to consider is the top of the dress – if it is strapless or has spaghetti straps, a strapless bra may be necessary.
  • Halter or backless gowns. While your choices may be a little more limited here, there is a huge variety of strapless bras on the market. You can also choose an adhesive bra; they come in a variety of colours as well as nude.

For help choosing your gown and advice on lingerie and all the other accessories that make your wedding outfit unique to you, talk to our experienced consultants at Proposals Crawley. You can book an appointment by calling us on 01293 521635 – we’d be delighted to help make your day special.

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