Top tips for accessorising your wedding gown


Top tips for accessorising your wedding gown

Got the wedding gown picked out and waiting for it to be adjusted? Wedding theme and venue all sorted? Guest list drawn up and invitations ready to go (if you haven’t already sent them)? Now it’s time to focus on the smaller things to put the perfect finishing touches to your day.

A lot of people think that the wedding gown is the be all and end all for the bride. That’s where you’d be wrong though. While the gown is indeed the star, the right accessories can give it that je ne sais quoi that raises your look above anything else and making it your own very personal look. So… What do you need to know to get the accessories right? Here are a few of our thoughts.

To veil or not to veil?

That is a big question. There is no rule anywhere that says that you must have a veil, it is entirely your choice. A veil is not an integral part of your gown, it is an accessory that complements it. You may choose to ditch the veil and opt for a headpiece instead. If you do decide to go with a veil then make sure that it matches, or that the colour works in harmony with that of your wedding gown. Also keep in mind that you don’t want to cover up any detailing on the back of your dress – so choose a sheer veil in that case – and that it should provide some balance to your silhouette. Think long veils for petite frames and elbow-length ones if you are tall. Finally, use your veil to add a bit of flair to your style. Want a vintage look? Try a face-framing veil.


As well as working with your skin tone, the metal you choose must also work with your dress colour. Let your gown’s beads dictate your choice if you have them, but if you have an ivory-coloured dress look for gold, and if it is bright white go for silver or platinum instead. Whatever you end up with make sure that everything you wear is of the same metal – i.e. necklace, bracelet, earrings. Although you don’t necessarily want to end up with all of those, less is more and you don’t want to overshadow that gown!


Here you need to think about comfort as well as style. You’ll be wearing them all day, you’ll be on your feet for most of it, and you need to be able to dance the night away in them too! If that means spending a little bit more for that higher quality pair, or picking something other than high heels, then do what will work for you.

Cover up

With the great unpredictability that is British weather, it is worth considering a cover up even if you are getting married in the height of summer. At some point you may feel the chill. If you are getting married in winter then look for something heavier such as fake fur, or a thicker wrap. For a summer wedding you have more choice and could try something more sheer and delicate to complement your gown.

For a wide range of accessories and a wealth of ideas on what works, what’s fashionable, and what suits your style and gown talk to our expert Proposals Crawley consultants. You can just pop in at any time, but if you would rather book an appointment just call us on 01293 521635.

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