Top tips for a Christmas wedding

Top tips for a Christmas wedding

Christmas is a magical time of year – so what better time to hold your winter wedding? The traditional winter festivities can bring that extra sparkle and joy to your special day, making it an occasion to cherish and remember.

Here are some of our top tips for an unforgettable Christmas wedding:

Christmas wedding colour scheme

Red and green are the traditional colours of Christmas, and you can’t go wrong using these colours for your wedding. Your church or reception venue will most likely be already decked out in these colours. Touches of glimmering gold and shimmering silver will provide dramatic accents.

But don’t feel constrained by tradition. Consider other possibilities that will work with the traditional colours. A base palette of silver and white or forest green and gold can provide an intriguing modern twist.

Christmas wedding decor

It’s Christmas, so you’ll want a Christmas tree. But don’t go overboard by getting a 12-foot-tall Christmas tree groaning with hundreds of glittering ornaments and blinking lights. A smaller sized real tree with just a few lights will be a more elegant choice.

Take a subtle approach to your decor with some pine garlands and vintage candles. You can’t go wrong with holly wreaths, and floral decorations look great with seasonal red winter berries.

Christmas wedding food

Winter can be cold, so make sure your guests have a warm welcome with hot canapés and bowls of creamy soup. The main course should be something hot and hearty, featuring a roast with dauphinoise potatoes and all the trimmings. A traditional warming desert like sticky toffee pudding will be the perfect conclusion to a memorable meal.

Christmas wedding drinks

Hot beverages rule for Christmas, so forget fancy cocktails and think hot chocolate, warm mulled wine and hot apple cider. There’s nothing wrong with offering celebratory glasses of champagne, just add some berries to each flute for that festive touch. Treat your guests with a traditional glass of alcoholic eggnog or Baileys for the perfect post-dinner drink.

Christmas wedding cake

You want your cake to exude winter style and sophistication. For the festive look, pick metallic silver or gold textures for your wedding toppers. Or try incorporating softer colours with flowers and woody accents for a more natural rustic look.

Your cake should have the happy bride and groom’s names in traditional lettering. For that Christmassy touch, choose vintage curly handwriting fonts and embellish with snowflakes. Finish off your cake a sprig of mistletoe to symbolise a Christmas kiss shared between the lucky couple.

Christmas wedding presents

Everyone loves Christmas crackers, so ramp up the festivities by laying out crackers by the plates of every guest for a bit of pre-dinner entertainment. Just don’t insist that everyone has to wear their silly paper hats.

Christmas wedding dress

There’s no need to choose a different dress because it’s Christmas. Pick a traditional dress that will bring the magic you’re looking for, then top it off with a dramatic red velvet cape. Or you could add a beautiful red sash to the waist of your gown. Beads and sequins also work well with the season.
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