Things you may not have thought of for your big day

Things you may not have thought of for your big day

Planning a wedding is no small feat, no matter how small it may be – and let’s face it, when is a wedding that small? Even with a wedding planner on board there will be things that you may not have thought of in the rush to get the big things organised and finalised. Whether you are planning to take over the town, have a small, private ceremony with just family, or travelling thousands of miles to get to your favourite spot in the world, there will always be a few little things that slip through the net.

We put our heads together and asked our friends and loved ones what the one thing was that they forgot, or remembered to do at the last minute, that they had wished someone had told them about sooner and come up with our top tips for you.

Put someone else in charge

On the day you will be busy getting ready; hair, make-up, dress, shoes, photos – they all take time and you want to be relaxed while getting dressed. Put a trusted friend or family member in charge of the day and ask them to act as a buffer for you and the groom. Give them a list of what needs to be done or checked on the day so that they can do all the chasing for you. They can also be a point of contact for the photographer and help round people up when the time comes for family photos. Your photographer won’t know who Aunt Margaret is, but your point woman (or man!) will.

They can also give directions to those guests who are lost or need some help, intercept those who want to keep checking up on how you’re doing with the dress preparations or troubleshoot if the caterers forgot one of the canapes or the bar staff ran out of vodka.

Underwear and jewellery

In the craziness of finding the right dress, you’d be surprised how many brides forget to pick out bridal underwear. If you are changing into another outfit later on in the evening, you may need to have a fresh set prepared as it may not fit well with a different dress or trouser suit. Your jewellery is also important. Not everyone has family heirlooms for their big day, or it may be that a more discrete pair of earrings, brooch, or necklace is more appropriate.

Survival kit

Even with the best preparations, something can always go wrong on the day. It need not be anything major, but it may feel like it if you are unprepared for how to deal with it. Put together a small survival kit to help deal with any emergencies to include: baby wipes, sewing kit, water, deodorant, dental floss, first-aid kit, headache tablets, stain remover, cotton buds, spare make-up kit, hand-held mirror, safety pins, and hairspray. Reduce the stress of dealing with a minor problem by being well prepared.

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