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How to save for your wedding day


How to save for your wedding day

There’s no point in sugar coating it, saving for your wedding can be stressful. You may be staring at those coins in that wedding fund, day in, day out, but the coins never seem to rise. Let us give you some saving tips. They may not be ideal, but the sacrifices you make now will allow you to fund for that all important dream wedding that you have pictured since waltzing round the house as a child with that pillowcase veil on your head.

The small things…

It’s time to cut back on those coffee orders at the train station every morning. It may seem like a small amount of money, but that £3 every morning adds up to a hefty £15 a week. By making yourself a coffee at home, you could save up to £720 a year which could be put towards something special for your big day. So, the choice is yours… coffee, or wedding dress!

Preparation and planning…

Instead of cooking a new dinner each night, why not save time as well as money and cook a large batch of your bolognese on Sunday, pop it in the freezer and heat a new portion up every evening. This way you would also be cutting back on your takeaways as well as those little trips to your local supermarket on your way home to pick up a ready meal. There will be no need once you realise that your dinner is ready and waiting for you back at home!

Memberships and subscriptions…

Have you got a subscription with countless websites and apps? Like Spotify for example, or Netflix? If you rarely use these it would be worth cancelling the subscription, at least just for the time being. £10 saved here and there each month is all money that can be thrown into that wedding fund. The same goes for gym memberships. Undoubtably, you are going to have signed up to a gym to get your body ‘wedding ready’ but be honest with yourself. Are you genuinely using the gym as much as you should? If you visit sporadically it may be worth cancelling the membership until you are more motivated or finding a more budget-friendly option, such as joining your local running club.

Loyalty points…

We are often offered loyalty cards by cashiers in all and every store we visit and dismiss the offer in the blink of an eye as they seem too much hassle. Well, it seems that now is the time to take them up on their offer. By using a loyalty card each time you shop, you can gain those all-important points which could save yourself those much needed pennies or receive special offers on the things you buy each month. In the long run, these cards could save you money on a wide array of things such as toiletries, your weekly food shop and even petrol.

Those dreaded bills…

Whilst you’re on the ball with your savings, it may be worth running comparison checks on your monthly bills. If you could decrease your outgoings on gas, electricity, car and phone bills each month, you could place the extra cash that you are saving into the jar. The positive side to this is that you won’t feel like you are missing out on anything as you would be used to paying those larger prices each month. Without you even noticing, the wedding fund would gradually become heavier and heavier.

With all the pennies you have saved, why not speak to our experienced consultants at Proposals Crawley to arrange an appointment for you to find that jaw-dropping wedding dress to match the quality of your big day. Call Proposals Crawley  01293 521635 to discuss your wedding dress requirements and arrange a fitting.

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