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Can I wear a tuxedo to get married in?

The short answer is yes. There is so much information about brides and what they should wear on their special day.  Sometimes the bridegroom can get overlooked.  The day can seem daunting when all eyes are on the bride and her groom. You want to wear...

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What NOT to do when choosing a wedding gown

Having sleepless nights about the choice of your wedding gown? As a bride, it can appear overwhelming choosing what to wear for your wedding day.  There are so many choices of styles and designs, fabrics and shades of white and ivory. Traditional. Contemporary. Minimalist. Flamboyant. How...

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How British Children have Embraced Proms

Prom dresses, prom gowns, prom suits and tuxedos, miles of ruffles and piles of taffeta, high-heel shoes and visions of full-stretch limos and corsages dancing in their heads, teenagers around the UK are gearing up for a big prom season. A trend that travelled across...

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