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Do bridesmaid dresses need to match

Do bridesmaid dresses need to match?

It’s an increasing trend, bridesmaids being seen in non-matching dresses. Is it going to last and what do you need to consider if you are thinking of following this new fashion? Once considered non-negotiable, matching bridesmaid dresses were the done thing. It didn’t matter if...

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Top Tips To Be The Perfect Maid Of Honour

There is nothing that says friendship and trust quite like being asked to be the Maid of Honour or Chief Bridesmaid. You have not only been invited to someone’s special day; you are a part of it. With a great role comes great responsibility. So, to...

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Your Dress Fittings – All You Need to Know

You’re counting down the days to the big day, and between now and then, you’ll likely undergo around three fittings (more on the exact number later). For first-time brides, these meetings can seem mystical – what happens? Why are numerous fittings needed? What happens if...

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