Keeping little ones entertained on your big day


Keeping little ones entertained on your big day

Your big day is approaching and you are beginning to put the finishing touches on things. The photographer has been booked months in advance, the florist knows exactly what you want, and the catering is all sorted. All the RSVPs are now coming in and you realise that quite a few of your friends and family have little ones that they are bringing along. While many choose to have a child-free day, others want to have the little ones around but still want to let their friends enjoy themselves without worrying about the kids. The not-so-little-ones can also find the formalities of weddings a little dull and the last thing you want is them running riot around the venue and getting in everyone’s way. So what can you do? Here are a few of our top ideas to help ensure everyone has a great time, kids included!

Professional entertainers or minders
Possibly the easiest option and one that could include any number of skilled people. Depending on the number of kids attending and their age range, you could hire a magician, face-painter, clown, or balloon artist – or indeed any combination of those. For the really young ones, you could have a professional childminder in for a few hours – they could cover the service, the drinks reception, or the dinner, or even all three.

Arts and crafts
A small area in the corner of a room could hold the key to hours of entertainment with a few crayons, stickers, some playdough, and cardboard. Ask them to create cards for the newlyweds or make up some masks for a photobooth!

Not just for the little ones, this could end up being a ton of fun for the adults later on too. With some well-chosen props and items for dressing up, it could keep the little ones busy for a while and out of everyone’s way.

Outdoor games
If the weather is good you could create a few outdoor games to keep them occupied while letting off some of their pent-up steam from sitting quietly in the church or registry office for a while. Hopscotch, hula hoops, skipping ropes, kites, or giant Jenga and Connect 4 are great ideas for some outdoor fun.

Activity packs
For those times of the day when they need to be quieter, activity packs can keep them occupied and out of trouble. You can either buy ready-made activity packs or create them yourself. What to include? You are only limited by your imagination, but colouring books or puzzles and even a few books are simple enough and can keep them busy for a while.

A role in the wedding
If the kids are old enough you could also involve them in the ceremony. Yes, they could be bridesmaids and page boys, but they could also do a reading. Get more kids involved in the day too by asking them to hand out hymn books and confetti, or to act as young ushers.

For more ideas on what you can do, talk to us at Proposals Crawley. While wedding dresses are our specialty, we know a lot more about weddings and are full of ideas! An appointment isn’t necessary, but if you prefer to book one, just call us on 01293 521635.

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