Ideas for the coolest summer wedding

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Ideas for the coolest summer wedding

Let’s take a moment to picture those warm, summer weddings, either abroad or in the UK… they seem idyllic, don’t they? Sharing your vows in the cool breeze, taking your first dance in the sunset, it’s a dream for many brides and enough to leave you daydreaming of your big day through the midst of winter. However, there are a few complications which come with summer weddings, such as family holidays overriding your day or the heat often being be a bit too much to handle for some of your guests, so here are some ways in which you can ensure that all of your nearest and dearest are able to enjoy your day just as much as you anticipate.

Save the date

It is important to send your Save the Date invitations out as early as possible, maybe around a year in advance. With summer being the prime time for us brits to jet away and enjoy our family holidays, you wouldn’t want to send your letters too late and have to suffer the absence of your closest friends and family. In this situation, the earlier the better – as soon as that venue is booked, get sending!

Goodie bags

If you are travelling abroad for your summer wedding, why not welcome your guests upon arrival with suitable goodie bags, showing your appreciation for their travels. For a beach or poolside wedding, you could present them with a personalised beach towel or pair of flip flops, as well as some sun cream and a fan which could come in useful on your big day. A small gesture like this can go a long way in showing your gratitude for the costs and time they have spent on travelling to celebrate your big day.

Ice breaker

Unlike those traditional British ceremonies, summer weddings away from home, being within the UK or abroad, often last the duration of the weekend. With guests arriving for both sides of the happy couple, there may be some attendees who feel slightly awkward or out of the loop, such as work colleagues or those friends from ‘way back’. Hosting a casual get-together on the first night will allow everyone’s nerves to ease, leaving them to mingle with whoever they fancy and breaking any ice at the first chance. You can then be sure of a wedding day full of laughter, friendship and lifelong happy memories.

Dress code

Informing people of the destination and possible temperatures, you can dictate the dress code you would aspire for your big day, whether it be loose, informal clothing or the full works with suits and formal dresses. The dress code is something in which even the Bride can take into consideration. As gorgeous as wedding gowns are, they may be a bit much to bear throughout an entire day in the sun, so why not opt for two dresses. A stunning, traditional bridal gown for the ceremony and a lighter, shorter dress for the evening, allowing you to dance all night without breaking out in (too much of!) a sweat.

Heat protection

As glamourous as your warm wedding plans are, it would be a good idea to cater to those guests who are unable to remain in the sun for too long and create a cool area for them to sit and watch you walk down the aisle in awe. By fitting canopies over the seating area or providing each guest with a decorative parasol upon entrance, you are proving the opportunity for them to shade themselves if the heat becomes too much. Cool drink stations, such as iced flavored water or cocktails will also provide the necessary refreshments to hydrate and prevent any early headaches, allowing your nearest and dearest to party on into the night with you.


Observing the heat at different points throughout the day prior to arranging your ceremony would be a beneficial move for everyone. It may be that the heat at midday is scorching and unbearable for your guests, as well as yourselves. Why not schedule for a sunset ceremony and evening reception, allowing everyone to feel the warmth but remain comfortable throughout the wedding celebrations. Besides, you could then have your own set of dreamy sunset pictures to boast your luxurious summer wedding, forever!

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