How to get the most out of wedding shows


How to get the most out of wedding shows

Spring is here and with it comes the annual series of wedding shows, expos, and fairs. If you have never been to such an event before – in any industry – it can be a bit daunting, being surrounded by so many different vendors and so many options to choose from. Our consultants are here to help though! Use our top tips to get the most out of a wedding show and make it time and money well spent.

Preparation is key

As with most things, preparation is half the battle. Make a list of what it is that you are looking to get information on or which vendors you are still trying to find. For example, if you are on the hunt for a caterer, wedding planner, florist, or you’re trying to get some ideas for venues or themes, then get your list together so that you are not distracted as you make your way around the show.

Book your tickets early and use the floorplan and show catalogue to narrow down the options to those that you want to have a longer chat with. By planning your day around them you can tick things off your list more quickly, leaving you with time at the end of the day for a more leisurely look around and a chance to take in any fashion shows that may be on too!

Dress appropriately

You will be on your feet all day and will cover quite a few miles inside the exhibition hall so wear comfortable clothes and shoes. If you are planning on trying on dresses then choose clothes that are easy to slip in and out of. It is also worth taking a pair of heels with you to try on with dresses as they will give you a much more complete sense of how a style of dress may look.

Choose who you take with you

Choose your companion wisely! You want someone who knows you well and who you trust to give you their honest opinion and who will remember the details that you may forget. Your mum or bridesmaid(s) are good options as is your future mother-in-law. Your future spouse would also be a good choice, especially for those things that you will be making joint decisions on such as venues, catering, etc.

Have labels ready

Perhaps not the first thing you might think of when attending an exhibition, but you are likely to be leaving your name, contact details, and wedding date/location with lots of vendors if you are making appointments or expecting them to follow up on your enquiries. Have a set of sticky labels ready so that you only need to peel one off and stick it on rather that write all the details down over and over again.

Don’t forget to eat and drink

And we don’t just mean the freebies! Avoid making hasty decisions or losing concentration by making sure you are not hungry half-way through. Avoid dehydration by having a bottle of water with you too so that you can sip when you need to. Exhibitions can be thirsty work and there will be plenty of bubbles around as well so don’t let them go to your head too much!

For everything wedding related, exhibitions are a great place to start. Get your wedding gown organised early and make it one less thing to worry about with a visit to Proposals Crawley. Call us on 01293 521635 to book in an appointment.


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