Choosing your wedding venue – important questions to ask

Choosing your wedding venue – important questions to ask

Choosing your wedding venue should be one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding. The possibilities are endless – from a grand Scottish castle to a charming rustic barn. This is the time to let your imagination run wild.

Having said that, there are some practicalities to consider to ensure that your special day is a success. Here are the most important questions for you to ask when choosing your wedding venue:

Is your chosen date available?

When you have a specific wedding date in mind, you must of course make sure your chosen venue has availability on that day.

If the specific date is not available to you, you need to consider how much you love that particular venue. Perhaps there’s another date available that still works for you and your guests. If you can’t change the date, you’ll have to look at other venues.

How many guests can the venue take?

Hopefully you’ll have worked out your guest list, so you’ll know how many people are coming to your wedding. Check with your venue that they have the capacity to accommodate all of your guests. Some venues offer different layout and room options depending on the size of your guest list.

And make sure you allow for any plus-ones that your guests may bring unannounced.

Can you hold the ceremony and reception there?

Unless you’re planning on getting married in a church or other place of worship, it’s often possible to hold your ceremony and reception at the same venue. This is a huge money-saver, and it eliminates delays caused by everyone having to move from one location to the next. Not all venues will let you do this, so make sure you ask.

Is catering available?

Delicious food should be one of the highlights of a great wedding, but it requires careful planning. Check with your venue to see if they offer catering. Some venues will have a list of caterers you can choose from. Ask to see sample menus and check they can accommodate any dietary requirements that you or your guest may have.

What about alcohol?

Ask if a prepaid bar is available, or if guests can buy their own drinks at the venue. If you want to let people bring their own alcohol, ask about corkage fees. Be warned, sometimes the corkage fees are so much that it will be cheaper to buy the venue’s drinks than bring your own.

Any rules about decorations?

You’ll undoubtedly have lots of creative ideas about how you want to decorate your wedding venue. Special features such as candles and confetti may not be allowed at some venues. Other venues may have rules about the use of props such as lighting displays, ornaments, potted plants, table and chair covers, and cutlery.  So, make sure the venue’s policies align with your vision.

Where can you have your photos taken?

Of course, you’ll want stunning photos to capture the magic of your special day as you’re looking your very best. Take some time to identify the most picturesque spots at the venue where your wedding day memories can be captured on film forever. Make sure that any unsightly objects, such as rubbish bins, can be tucked away out of sight. Some venues, especially art galleries or museums, might have restrictions on flash photography so remember to check.

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