Choosing the right veil


Choosing the right veil

While a veil is no longer considered a necessity, many brides still choose to wear one on their big day. If you are one of them and would like to have a veil then read on for our definitive guide on choosing the right one.

The three rules of veils

There are three cardinal rules when it comes to choosing a veil. They are:

  1. Choose your dress first. Your veil should complement rather than overpower your dress so you need to have that pinned down first before you can even think about considering veils. Your choice of dress will also help to narrow down the choices of veil as some styles will work better than others so it will make things easier for you.
  2. Decide on your hairstyle. If you have long hair you have plenty of options of how to wear it on your wedding day. You could go for an up-do, like a stylish chignon, or you may choose to go for a more relaxed, long-flowing locks look. You may want to have flowers in your hair or some other accessory. All these decisions will determine where you veil can be placed and your final choice of veil will depend to an extent on your hairstyle and accessory decisions. The last thing you want is for your head to look cluttered and busy!
  3. Determine your budget. A simpler veil will not break the bank but if you are thinking about a more ornate one or a train then the price could go up exponentially. Set a budget in the same way that you do for your wedding dress and that gives you something to work with and add or eliminate veil options.

Types of veils

There are quite a few options available and you have lots to choose from. They include:

  1. Birdcage: particularly suitable for a retro style wedding gown or if your dress is not quite suitable for a more traditional style.
  2. Blush: slightly longer than a birdcage veil, you can wear this to walk down the aisle and move it back at the altar for the rest of the ceremony.
  3. Elbow length: reaching your elbows, this is a very elegant style suited to a wider variety of dress styles.
  4. Fingertip: perhaps the most popular style because of its versatility with so many wedding gown styles.
  5. Chapel length: a good choice for a church wedding, this style will reach to the end of your dress and works well with more formal wedding styles.
  6. Cathedral length: the ultimate in drama and statement, a cathedral length veil will flow to the bottom of your dress and beyond if you would like a longer train. A good choice for a very formal wedding or if you are looking to have a statement wedding look. It is worth keeping in mind that it is likely to hide the back of your dress so may not work with many styles of wedding dress.

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