Changing for the reception: do I need another outfit?

Evening bridal gown

Changing for the reception: do I need another outfit?

It’s been a trend on the other side of the pond for a long time and it is becoming increasingly popular over here as well – the two dresses trend. There are plenty of reasons why a bride may want two different dresses on her big day and cost no longer needs to be prohibitive. There are plenty of options out there that will allow you to do both if that’s what you really want. So, when do you need two dresses?

Different styles

You may have had a Cinderella-style wedding dress in mind ever since you were a little girl, but you’re also a party girl at heart and want to dance the night away at your reception. You don’t want to ruin a beautiful ballgown of a wedding dress, nor do you want to give up that dream. Two wedding dresses will allow you to do both! They will also let you show off both sides of you – the elegant beauty and the fun girl, without compromising on either.

Family heirlooms

If it’s traditional to wear your mother’s or grandmother’s dress or it’s just something that you want to do for your own reasons yet are not in love with the dress or don’t want to spoil it, two dresses open up your choices. Slip into your choice of dress after the ceremony and you can enjoy the evening without feeling guilty or worrying about ruining a family heirloom.

Venue differences

If you are getting married in a church you may prefer something a little more suited to the venue or you may even need to have your shoulders or knees covered in your chosen venue. That’s all well and good, and you know that from the outset, but what about when it comes to dancing later? You don’t need to compromise with two dresses and have both the ceremony you want and the party afterwards without worrying about what to wear and how it may restrict you.

It’s a long, long day

An early ceremony and a long break before the reception could have you sitting around in a dress that ends up making you feel more uncomfortable than glamorous. Yes, you could take it off and then change into it again, but do you really want to waste time in your hotel room rather than with your guests? Changing into a different dress, one that’s more suitable for an evening do than a morning wedding, is an easy way of overcoming this dilemma.

Can’t decide?

Sometimes it’s a simple case of can’t decide between two dresses! This is especially true if they are very different in style. In this case, choosing one for the ceremony and photos and another for the reception means that you can have your cake and eat it too.


If you want two different looks but two dresses won’t work financially consider accessorising. Capes, removable trains, veils and wraps can transform a dress creating two completely different looks at a fraction of the cost.

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