Brides dresses for a registry office wedding

Brides dresses for a registry office wedding

Planning a registry office wedding? Whether you’re thinking of a smart city wedding or dream of eloping to the countryside, you’ll want to look stunning on your special day.

One thing you should consider is the logistics of moving from one type of venue to another. You might feel rather self-conscious wearing a traditional brides dress at a registry office.

For a registry office wedding, think along more practical lines. But don’t let it become a wardrobe nightmare. The thing with registry office weddings is there are no hard and fast rules – so you can throw out the rule book and come up with your own personal style.

The best choices for registry office brides dresses combine the traditional with the modern, with an emphasis on practicality.

How to choose a brides dress for a registry wedding

Here are our tips for choosing a brides dress for a registry office wedding:

  1. Consider the occasion: Think about whether your registry office wedding is the main event or if it’s a formality before your ‘proper’ wedding. If your registry office wedding is the main event, you’ll want to go all-out fabulous. If you’re planning a bigger wedding celebration for later, you can be more practical and opt for a shorter dress or jumpsuit.
  2. Explore your personal style: Don’t feel pressured to come up with something totally unique. At the same time, don’t feel you have to follow what everyone else does. If you’re style is modern, think about a jumpsuit or tailored suit. If you’re more traditional, a dress with plenty of ruffles would be lovely.
  3. Think fluidity: Whether your dress is short or long, fluid materials such as silk, muslin or cotton give a flattering, flowing effect. This style flatters most ages, skin tones and body shapes to create an elegant and timeless look.
  4. Have fun with transparency: Don’t think transparent fabrics are just for the veil. Be fun and creative with soft transparent materials to show off the tone of your legs or the arch of your back. Be classy with a subtle hint of sexiness.
  5. Love your shape: There’s never been a greater range of choices on the market. Whatever your body type, there’s a dress out there that brings out your beauty and inner joy. If you have an hourglass shape, go for a mermaid-style. If you’re petite, try a strapless sweetheart gown.

Our favourite brides dress styles for a registry wedding

These are our favourite brides dress styles right now for a registry wedding:

  1. Maxi dress: We love a maxi dress with a classic fishtail design. Go for an elegant  halterneck and a figure-skimming shape. You’re guaranteed to look demure and glamorous in your photos.
  2. Chic bridal suit: If you don’t fancy a dress, why not pick a chic bridal suit? A bridal suit looks casual enough for a registry office wedding while still looking super elegant and sleek.
  3. Jumpsuit: For those who like to push the boundaries, a jumpsuit is the perfect choice. Pick one with cape-style sleeves and a wide-leg silhouette to create the perfect balance between casual and dressy.
  4. Lace dress: Lace is alluringly intricate and bridal with a timeless floaty elegance. Choose a mid-length scalloped hemline and sheer arms to show off your shapely limbs. An illusion sweetheart neckline finishes off the look.

For more help with picking the perfect attire for a registry office wedding, have a chat with our friendly consultants at Proposals Crawley. Call us on 01293 521635 to book your appointment.

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