2020 Wedding Trends


2020 Wedding Trends

There’s never been a more exciting time to get married. Couples are personalising every aspect of their wedding to create an unforgettable experience which reflects who they really are.

Here are our top wedding trends for 2020:

Embroidered wedding dresses

Celebrities like Chiara Ferragni and Hailey Baldwin have been stunning us with their embroidered wedding dresses. We predict an embroidery boom as couples follow suit. Make this trend your own by stitching personal messages to your veil or train.

Sustainable weddings

Green weddings are on-trend this year. If you care about the environment, make a stand by committing to zero waste or a reduced carbon footprint. Opt for sourcing locally grown food, repurposing wedding florals and working with eco-friendly suppliers.

Outdoor celebrations

Brave the British weather and hold your part of wedding celebrations outside. Stately venues like Hedsor House in Buckinghamshire are seeing an uptick in wedding bookings for their stunning grounds. These range from having a pre-ceremony aperitif on the lawns to a full-blown outdoor dinner.

Inclusive menus

We all have friends from a wide variety of circles, with a wide variety of food preferences. Show your thoughtfulness by planning your menus to accommodate your guests’ individual preferences, whether they are vegetarian, allergic to nuts, or don’t drink alcohol.

Floral clouds

Big floral displays on tables can get in the way of conversation between your guests. Instead, think about floral clouds – elaborate floral bursts that are scattered across ceilings and along walls. Combine them with suspended lighting and ornate chandeliers to make a stunning statement.

Food stations

Break away from the traditional seated 3-course wedding meal and create a fresh, relaxed ambience with a food station. Food stations can be creative and visually striking. Take inspiration from Jennifer Lawrence, who chose a pizza truck for her wedding ceremony. Or perhaps you’d prefer Japanese sushi, or spicy Thai food.

Trending colors

For a striking effect, plan your wedding with a colour scheme in mind. Colour is going to be a big wedding trend. Colour establishes your vibe and style, and draws your guests into your special world. Hot colours right now are neo mint, cassis, yellow and faded denim.

City weddings

Save money for your honeymoon by choosing a cheaper, low-key wedding close to home. With the expansion in licences for pubs, bars and restaurants, it’s easy to host your wedding at your local hang-out where the staff know you by name, and you can order your favourite food. Make the venue your own with signature cocktails, personalised bunting and party games.

Charity donations

Support your favourite cause by swapping party favours for charity donations. At the end of the day, announce that you will be making a donation to you a charity close to your heart on behalf of you and your guests. Giving back is one of our favourite trends for 2020.

Victorian-style wedding dresses

Take a tip from the past and pick a Victorian-style dress. The ‘Victoriana’ trend exudes class and sophistication with its high necks and covered arms. By concealing your body you focus more attention on your face, which will be radiant with joy on your special day. It certainly worked for Ellie Goulding, who looked amazing in her bespoke Chloé wedding gown.

Would you like some help in choosing your perfect wedding dress for 2020? You’re welcome to chat with one of our experienced consultants at Proposals Crawley. Call us on 01293 521635 with your questions or to book an appointment.

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