Keeping it simple but still looking fabulous

Keeping it simple but still looking fabulous

Keeping it simple but still looking fabulous

Getting married and starting to feel overwhelmed by everything you have to do and all the choices you need to make? Have you thought about stripping things down and simplifying everything? Weddings are changing and it is unlikely they will go back to the big, complicated affairs they once used to be. Last month we explored the growing trend around bridesmaid dresses (here is the article again if you want to re-read it) and it doesn’t stop there. Here is why and how you can make it work for you.

Modern trends

We have been seeing this trend grow over the last few years – simpler weddings, whether large or small, are increasingly becoming the choice for couples. While it used to be what older couples did, or those on second (or third) weddings who have been there and done the big wedding before, it is becoming the choice for younger couples too.


Organising a wedding takes a lot of time, effort, and detailed planning. From the venue and guest list to the flowers, food, and favours, not to mention the wedding dress, groom’s suit, and the bridesmaid and groomsmen’s outfits, there is a lot to think about and organise. Couples are often very time-poor as they will both typically work, may already have children to look after, as well as have to fit in commuting, day-to-day living, and finding time for each other. The last thing they need is the stress of having to plan and execute a complex wedding party and reception.


Weddings are not cheap affairs. Certainly not the large, complicated events that often used to be the norm. It need not be that way though. There are more small intimate venues for a ceremony than ever – whether you are after a church or secular event – and reception venues span the gamut of options both in terms of size and simplicity (or complexity) offering plenty of choice for making cost savings without compromising on quality.


Most couples have already been living together for a while before deciding to get hitched. Often a consideration is more about making it a day to remember because of the experience they can build into it rather than having a big party. Having a wedding abroad for a small circle of family and friends is another way of keeping things simple.

Whatever you choose and however you opt to simplify things, it does not have to mean losing any of the style, elegance, and fabulousness that is your wedding day. A sleek, sophisticated wedding dress will have you looking unforgettable. Uncomplicated dresses that suit your bridesmaids’ styles and shapes will have them enjoying the day far more than if they are in an ill-fitting dress that screams ‘bridesmaid’. Locally-sourced decorations that can also serve as gifts for your guests, giving them another unique way to remember your big day by.

Whatever style you choose we are sure to find the right dress for you and you bridesmaids. Our experienced consultants at Proposals Crawley can advise on all dresses and accessories for your big day and you don’t need to make an appointment – although if you prefer to do so all it takes is a call to us on 01293 521635.

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