Just found out my bridesmaid is pregnant! How can she still look part of the bridal party?

Just found out my bridesmaid is pregnant! How can she still look part of the bridal party?

Proposals know planning your perfect wedding day can sometimes seem a Herculean task.  There will always be a few snags and hitches along the way, which is why the choice of your wedding gown should be an exciting, relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Choosing gowns for bridesmaids can sometimes be fraught because of the difficulty of finding a style, which suits a wide range of body shapes. You finally agree on a dress, which suits everyone.  Everyone is happy and another task is ticked on the wedding spreadsheet.

And then you find out about an uninvited guest.

Finding out one of your best friends is expecting a baby is an exciting time.  But as a bride, you may feel a tinge of concern.  After all, you have been planning this day for so long. You want it to be perfect. It is your special day. And then you find out one of your bridesmaids is pregnant.

The best piece of advice Proposals can offer is not to worry. You will not be the first, or the last bride, whose bridesmaid had to break this news to the bride. She probably had a few sleepless nights before she told you.  Let’s face it; often pregnancies can’t be planned around weddings. Weddings, which often take more than a year to plan. Your bridesmaid might have been trying for a baby before you broke the news about your wedding. So be gentle. Don’t panic and let us offer you some help.

The solution to the problem is very dependent on the date of your wedding and the arrival of the baby.  If you have already chosen the gowns for your bridesmaids, often it is possible to make alterations to accommodate the baby bump and cleavage. Our expert seamstresses can alter the bridesmaid’s gown and then allow for extra space on the final fitting just prior to your wedding.

If you have not finally chosen the bridesmaids gowns, an excellent idea might be to decide on a style of gown, which can be worn in several different styles. Proposals stock bridesmaids’ gowns, which offer various different wrapping options. You can decide on halter bow, Grecian twist, front neck twist.  We can show you the different styles and find one, which suits all your bridesmaids and makes mum- in -waiting feel stylish and fantastic.

Once you have decided on the bridesmaids’ gowns, you can relax. Depending on the arrival date for the baby, you might want to make sure your bridesmaid plus one (or two) has water to hand and somewhere to sit if she feels tired when the photographs are being done.

Then all you have to do is enjoy your wedding and hope the Vicar does not have to ask:

“Is there a Doctor in the church?”

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