I’m tall and have huge feet. Where can I find a pair of elegant wedding shoes?

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I’m tall and have huge feet. Where can I find a pair of elegant wedding shoes?

Planning a wedding is such an exciting time for any bride-to-be and once you have chosen a stunning bridal gown, you will want to find some shoes.  Every girl loves a pair of shoes.  And wedding shoes add a stunning finish.  But what happens when it’s hard to find the right pair of shoes in your size? Not all of us are blessed with tiny Cinderella feet, which would have slipped neatly into the glass slipper.  Don’t despair. Proposals know this is a common scenario and can help you find those elusive wedding shoes.

Think outside the shoebox

There are lots of companies who specialise in wedding shoes and have responded to the demand for larger shoe sizes. But you are not limited to just wedding shoes. Many department stores stock a wide selection of shoes which are ideal for brides but remember, there are so many shades of white and ivory, it is best to take a swatch of fabric from your wedding gown. If you can’t find the exact shade, it is possible to have them dyed to match your wedding gown.

Some brides now throw caution and convention to the wind and choose a brightly coloured pair of shoes for their wedding. This can look particularly effective for winter weddings. Or soft pastel hues on a warm, summer day.

You might want to choose a pair of shoes and then add some embellishments. This will personalise your shoes and adds fun, sparkle, vintage or elegance, depending on your personal preference.


Court shoes flatter a larger sized foot and are a comfortable alternative to heels. But don’t shy away from high heels. Most of us love heels and they have the advantage of making your feet appear smaller.

Proposals will advise and make suggestions on your choice of wedding shoes.  Remember, they will have to be tried on with your gown, to ensure it does not need any alterations on length.

Finally, remember these shoes will be taking you down the aisle to meet your groom.  They will be worn when you pose for your photographer, who will always want ‘one more photo’.  They will be worn for your reception and have to work on the dance floor, so bear in mind these useful tips.

Wear them in around the house prior to your wedding. This allows them to mold to your feet and avoids the dreaded ‘tight fit feeling’ of new shoes. A word of caution. Do not leave your precious wedding shoes where they might be chewed by an inquisitive puppy. It happens, so put them in a safe place.

If you opt for high heels, practice wearing them before your wedding. Wear them with a long slip or skirt, so you get accustomed to the feel of the heels and avoiding getting the fabric caught on the shoes.

Have you thought about your wedding venue and your shoes?

Some venues have strict rules about shoes and heels if you have chosen a castle or somewhere of historical significance. Always check this out when you make your booking. You might need to change into a pair of dancing shoes.

Will your wedding involve being outdoors?

If you have a walk across the grass from the church to the reception, it might be worth throwing in a pair of wellies.

Proposals have helped lots of brides find the perfect shoe for their wedding day.  Follow these suggestions and useful tips and walk tall in your stunning bridal shoes.

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