Five steps to choosing the ideal bridesmaid dress

Five steps to choosing the ideal bridesmaid dress

Five steps to choosing the ideal bridesmaid dress

While planning your wedding, you start with all the big things like choosing the venue, ordering your dress, and booking the caterers. But it is the little things which actually make your wedding memorable. While choosing dresses for your bridal party should be fun, it can be overwhelming with the number of people to please. To reduce the pressure, following these five steps will ease your burden and make dress shopping enjoyable.

1. Set the budget
You cannot compromise on the quality of the outfits for your squad. But you do need to be mindful of the price prior to giving an order. A pricier option can also be a burden on your bridesmaids if they are paying, so let them be a part of the selection process. By setting a budget, you can limit yourself to the dresses, you can afford, which can help to narrow down your options, perfect for those who are indecisive.

2. Stick to the timeline
Irrespective of whether your bridesmaids are ordering new dresses or picking something from the rack, this process should be followed according to the timeline. You need to give enough time to the girls so that they can get the dresses altered according to their size. Even renting a gown requires at least two weeks notice, so keep all this in mind before you take your girls to shopping.

3. Consider the body types
Choose such a dress which will fit the body types of everyone. A good idea would be to go with something which won’t require much alteration so that none of your bridesmaids needs to go through the hassle. You can even follow the mismatched trend by giving them the same colour and letting them choose differently styled dresses.

4. Choosing the colour scheme
A lot of factors need to be considered while choosing the colour of the bridesmaid dress. Firstly, it should be according to the theme of the wedding. Secondly, it must suit the skin tone of all the girls. Never be afraid to experiment with the shades because you never know how much value something novel can bring to the entire event.

5. Weather and comfort
Depending on the weather conditions and choice of venue, you need to provide your bridesmaids with the most comfortable dresses. If they are not comfortable in what they are wearing, how can you expect them to be of any help on your wedding day? Consider cover-ups such as a pashmina or jackets for your bridesmaids or plan ahead to arrange for fans or heaters to make it easier for the girls.

Let dress shopping be fun
Let the task of choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress to be joyful and don’t take too much pressure. All you need to do is follow the five steps, and everything will fall into place. If you need help to find your perfect bridesmaid dresses, head to Proposals Crawley, where we will help to find the perfect dresses for your gang. While an appointment isn’t necessary, for your convenience you can arrange an appointment by calling 01293 521635.

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