Your Dress Fittings – All You Need to Know

Your Dress Fittings – All You Need to Know

You’re counting down the days to the big day, and between now and then, you’ll likely undergo around three fittings (more on the exact number later). For first-time brides, these meetings can seem mystical – what happens? Why are numerous fittings needed? What happens if you lose weight? Here we answer your burning questions by running you through each fitting (with some handy vital reminders to make sure each one goes as smoothly as the last).

The First Fitting – 10 Weeks until the Big Day
Before your first fitting you’re going to have to make some decisions:

  • What accessories will you choose? This includes your jewellery, headpiece, veil, tiara, wrap and bag. If you’re still undecided you should speak with the bridal shop – who should be able to provide advice on your best options.
  • What undergarments and bridal shoes will you wear? You’ll need both of these for your fittings – don’t even think about wearing any old bra and shoes, as this will change the fit, shape and fall of your dress. You undergarments should be skin colour rather than ivory, as it’s impossible to discover an exact match of ivories, and whilst not all brides and dresses need a bra, it’s advisable that you bring one along to your first fitting, as some dresses can be uncomfortable without one. It’s also possible that your dress may lack the support for going braless. If you leave the tags on, you can always return it should you decide that you don’t need it.

During your first fitting it would be helpful to have a friend or family member with you who will be able to provide honest advice. This is the time to consider alterations such as adding detailing, such as sparkles, and whether or not you wish to add or remove the straps.

Your first fitting will ensure:

  • Your dress fits well, is the right tone and the right design (and has the neckline, train, sleeves etc. that you requested)
  • You make the right choice as to whether you need a hoop or note (again your friend or family member’s advice may be appreciated here)
  • The seamstress you’ve chosen is a skilled one – she should have an assistant who helps throughout the appointment, who’ll assist you in changing. She should also inspect the dress once you have it on for areas where it may need taking in/out, shortened/lengthened or altered.

The Second Fitting – 4-5 Weeks After Your First Fitting
For this appointment you’ll need to remember all of the items that you took with you to your first fitting. If you’re yet to completely decide on your accessories you should bring them all along and take a few photos to see how they look from a perspective different to the one in the mirror.
You may also wish to come along with your wedding day hair and make-up done, to ensure your look complements your dress.
At this stage, you should:

  • Ask any questions and allay any concerns you have
  • Be able to move comfortably
  • Be certain that your dress fits as it should, even when moving
  • Check for any wrinkling or bunching of the material
  • Ensure that your dress hem just about touches your shoes

A Few More Tips for Your Fittings
On average brides have around three fittings, though this depends on the dress and the amount of alterations that need to be undertaken. However, during at least one of your fittings you should ideally bring your mother and maid of honour, so they can learn about your dress and how they can help you on the big day. If you have someone else who will be helping dress you, you should bring them along also (it’s surprising how helpful a practice session can be!). Lastly it’s advisable to ask about treating any nightmare stains – and what cleaning products are safe to use.

 Last Minute Alterations
In the run up to your wedding you should try to maintain your weigh, as any additional alterations may incur an extra charge. We can offer fittings that are relatively close to your wedding, again however you may have to pay a surcharge should there be any last minute alterations.

 The Pick Up
This is it! You finally get to pick up your dress and take it home. When this time comes (which is usually 1 to 2 days before the big day), you should try your dress on once more, ensuring that all is well and it fits just as beautifully as it did during your last fitting.
When you pick up your dress from our team, it will be steamed ready for wearing – it’s vital that you don’t try to iron it yourself (doing so could cause an untold last minute disaster!). You should also have a pre-planned place where your dress will be hung – out of harm’s way and somewhere that doesn’t crumple the train (such as a hook in the ceiling, or on a broom placed over your open double wardrobe doors).

Every year, we help hundreds of brides say ‘Yes’ to the dress. If you’re ready to fall in love with yours, visit Proposals in Crawley. You can pop in without an appointment, or contact us beforehand. Phone our team on 01293521635 or send our team a message via our contact page.

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