Here comes the rain … how not to let showers ruin your summer wedding

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Here comes the rain … how not to let showers ruin your summer wedding

A summer wedding involves a great deal of organisation of course, but try as you might, there is one aspect of your wedding that you have absolutely no control over, and that’s the weather!

If you’re planning a wedding outdoors, then there’s no need to seal your nuptials in the pouring rain, and there’s no need to be surprised should the heavens suddenly erupt and ‘down comes the rain’. No matter what you may think, modern weather forecasts are very accurate. If you’re ‘caught short’ by a sudden downpour then you’ve either been incredibly unlucky, or you just haven’t been paying attention!

Here are five ways you can prepare for rain on your wedding day.

Have a plan!

Don’t play it by ear. Make sure you know what you are going to do if your wedding day is a rainy one. If you are having an outdoor ceremony, then make sure you have some place available where it can be moved indoors. If you’re going to insist on an outdoor ceremony no matter what, then arm your guests with umbrellas!

Ask your vendors!

No doubt the professionals that you hired to make your wedding day go with a swing have encountered a ‘bad weather wedding’ before. They are there to help you as best they can, so they will be able to offer you advice should the heavens open.
Also don’t worry and think that your wedding photographs are going to look awful in the rain. You’ve hired the services of a professional so they will know how to coax the best shots out of you on the day.

It looks like rain!

Don’t simply keep your fingers crossed and assume that the weather forecast is going to be wrong. It might be, but it’s unlikely that it will be! Don’t postpone your date, or make significant changes at the last minute. Just go with the flow and make the best of it!

Get over it!

At least it’s not going to snow! There is – after all – something slightly romantic about a rainy day in the summer. Rain in the summer can be a blessing, especially if there have been several sunny days in a row.
The last thing you need to do is sulk. It’s the day that’s important, not the weather, and the rain will remain a memorable talking point of your special day throughout the years.

Go with it!

The best thing about a rain-soaked wedding day is that it will take your mind off your nerves. At least you won’t be squinting at the sun in your eyes, and you will not have to worry about your guests fainting in a red hot church!

The only person who will ruin your big day because it is raining is yourself. Just prepare for it, accept it, and go with it. It will still be your big day, no matter what the heavens dictate, and in the future every rainy day in the summer will trigger your memories of the day you and your partner tied the knot!

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