Do bridesmaid dresses need to match?

Do bridesmaid dresses need to match

Do bridesmaid dresses need to match?

It’s an increasing trend, bridesmaids being seen in non-matching dresses. Is it going to last and what do you need to consider if you are thinking of following this new fashion? Once considered non-negotiable, matching bridesmaid dresses were the done thing. It didn’t matter if your bridesmaids were different shapes and sizes, it was your day and they wanted to make you happy. But this is increasingly changing as fashions evolve, weddings are not the strict, formal affairs that they once were, and you want all your wedding party to relax and enjoy being part of your special day.  This month we explore this trend further and look at what you should consider before deciding whether you want to opt for mismatched bridesmaid dresses.

Think about the size, shape, and complexion of your bridesmaids

It is pretty unlikely that all of them will be the same size and shape. Skin tone and hair colour will vary making it difficult to find a colour that suits all your bridesmaids equally well and which you like as well. Some may be taller than others and you may even have a variety of ages making it trickier to find something that all will feel comfortable in. Gone are the days when being a bridesmaid meant enduring your best friend’s happiest day feeling hideous and uncomfortable.

Choose a theme

One option that gives your bridesmaids the flexibility to work with their shape and complexion is to pick a colour theme and allow them to explore styles and hues around that. An alternative, if they are of similar size and shape, is to select a style and let them loose on the colour (within certain limits if you don’t want them to go too crazy!). This will give you a more uniform silhouette which could have a stunning result in the wedding photos.

Tie the look together with small touches

Whether you opt for mismatched colour, style, or both, there are a few touches you can add that will create a look that is varied but with some common features that define the overall look. These could include:

  • Stick to a similar hemline. If all your bridesmaids go for shorter dresses and one goes for full length it could look awkward
  • Keep to similar fabrics. Having a wide variety of fabrics could lead to an inelegant look in the photos. Similarly, if you are letting your girls choose a colour but don’t want a rainbow effect, give them some guidance on what to choose
  • Use a common accessory. Tie the look together with common accessories that will not drown the look but will create add some refinement to the overall look. This could be shoes, belts, hairpieces, or jewellery, and they could also be your gift to your brides

Whatever look you choose, the key element is to make sure that your bridesmaids, and above all you, are happy with the outcome. Stay involved, provide guidance, and ‘approve’ dresses if you want to retain some control of the overall look – after all, it is your day!

For advice on bridesmaid as well as wedding dresses and accessories our consultants at Proposals Crawley have years of experience in making brides’ days special. You don’t need an appointment, but can call ahead on 01293 521635 and make one if you wish.

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