7 Fab Wedding Theme Ideas for 2017

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7 Fab Wedding Theme Ideas for 2017

Everyone wants their wedding to be THE one that everyone remembers!

Themed weddings are not only great fun to organise, they are still remembered by family and friends months and years later.

So, if you want to make your wedding different from all of the rest why not consider having a fun theme for your wedding?

Here are seven great theme suggestions for a truly unforgettable wedding.

Alice in Wonderland – let Lewis Carroll’s wonderful novel Alice in Wonderland be your guide to the creation of a most wonderful Alice in Wonderland themed wedding. Almost every aspect of your wedding can be designed to evoke this charming story that loved by adults and children, alike. Why not start off with Alice themed wedding stationery. On the day, you can recreate the ‘Mad Hatters Tea-party’, from the novel, with bright colours, tea outside and playing card themes and ‘drink me’ signs. And don’t forget, you will need a white rabbit, and a ‘mad hatter’, too;

Funfairs – enjoy all of the fun of the fair with a funfair and circus themed wedding. Just think of the possibilities! There needs to be fun and games for young and old, of course. And don’t forget the hot dogs, candy floss and popcorn. A large striped marquee will complement the theme perfectly, allowing dining, speeches and dancing to take place indoors and serving as somewhere to go if the weather lets you down;

Woodland – what could be better than a spring woodland theme wedding? Decorate using browns, reds and gold. And you can combine this with furniture and tableware with a natural, organic and rustic look.  Leaves, pine cones, twigs and branches, forest flowers  and other similar woodland themed wedding decorations add charm and sophistication to any woodland themed wedding;

Winter – it may be cold outside but you can still have a scorching winter themed wedding! Chase out the gloom using bright vibrant colours, cream, white and beige. Snow motifs on wedding stationery and tableware can also set the tone right from the beginning and you can continue the winter theme with white roses, candles and decoration consisting of winter flowers and berries;

Vintage tea party – everyone loves a tea party, so what could be better than a tea party themed wedding?  One of the best things about a tea party themed wedding is that it can be held inside or outdoors depending on personal preference, and the weather report! For that authentic vintage look include vintage cake stands, china crockery, vintage cutlery, the finest table linen and complete the picture with a jazz band. Decorations have to include multicoloured balloons and colourful bunting;

The British Seaside – there was a time when everyone enjoyed carefree holidays at one of this country’s numerous seaside holiday resorts such as Blackpool, Margate and Brighton. Now you can recapture the buzz of the British seaside with a seaside holiday themed wedding. Keep it simple, though. Seashells, anchors and pebble motifs work well with sticks of rock, sand, beach balls, ice-creams and deckchairs, all of which will excite and delight guests young and old;

Cool Britannia – this is a wedding theme where red, white and blue are the dominant colour scheme. Use the union jack motif  along side these ‘ British design classics’ – London Underground station signs,  red telephone boxes, a classic red route-master London bus, and the hackney black cab.  And don’t forget this  country’s music scene – from the Beatles to Britpop (Blur, Oasis, Suede, Pulp and the Spice Girls);

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