6 Stylish Wedding Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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6 Stylish Wedding Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, and as it’s a leap year this year, there’s also the chance for the gals to propose to the guys for a change!

In addition, Valentine’s Day actually falls on a Saturday in 2016, giving brides-to-be and their bridegrooms an excellent opportunity of tying the knot on THE day for love!

If you are thinking about Valentine’s Day nuptials, then here are six top tips to help with your wedding planning.

Make it about you

Weddings should be all about the two people getting married anyhow, but Valentine’s Day makes this especially important. Think about what makes your love so special, why you mean so much to each other and what brought you together in the first place. You can then theme your special day around your thoughts.

Make sure your guests know it is Valentine’s Day!

Unless your wedding is going to be something incredibly formal, then you can really adopt Valentine’s Day as your theme. Why not send your invites out as Valentine’s Day cards, or have your guests send Valentine’s Day cards out to each other instead of signing a guest book?

Get in the mood for love

Nothing will make your décor look more enticing than the correct lighting. Not only will the odd splash of soft pink light warm up your room, it will also truly make your photographs images to remember. You can even plan your reception as a candlelight dinner complete with effective mood lighting.



Don’t forget your Valentine’s motif when it comes to serving drinks. An extra-special day requires and extra-special cocktail. How about a chocolate martini, champagne with gold flakes or a cosmopolitan with a rim of pink sugar? To add to your romantic theme, include bowls of traditional Valentine’s Day treats on the tables such as chocolate hearts or suitable sweeties.

Music for everyone

Most couples have a special song, and no doubt you and your loved one will be kicking the dancing off by serenading each other to your own song. Why not get your guests to select their own special songs when they fill in their RSVPs? You can then mix their choices into your playlist – your guests will definitely appreciate your efforts.

You can have your cake and eat it

If you’re allowed to indulge on one day in your life, then your Valentine’s Day wedding is that day. Why not go the whole chocolate bar and serve incredibly indulgent desserts? How about individual chocolate cakes or chocolate-dipped fruits? For your own cake, why not try a heart pattern, and having the cake filled with a lovely red filling?

If you are planning a Valentine’s Day wedding, then make sure you give your artistic talents a real chance to shine! It will always be a day that you will remember, so why not allow your special day the best chance of becoming a day that your guests are never likely to forget?


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