10 ways to stay cool for your summer wedding

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10 ways to stay cool for your summer wedding

Winter has been well and truly kicked into touch and so far, this summer has been something of a surprise scorcher. Okay, so we’ve had the odd chilly and rainy spell, but most days in the UK since May have seen thermometers reach higher levels than we’ve been accustomed to in recent years.
Over one third of weddings take place in June, July and August, so if you plan to tie the knot this summer, you may be asking how you’re going to keep cool should the sun be blistering? Here are ten temperature-reducing tips.

[1] Be prepared to move indoors – the ceremony involves a lot of standing, and standing for long periods in the hot sun is uncomfortable. You should have contingency plans to move the ceremony indoors if it gets too hot.

[2] Give your guests heat beaters – make sure iced water is available, or arm your guests with fans so they can create a cooling breeze themselves.

[3] Become a shady character – even if you don’t want to move the ceremony indoors, you can still lessen the heat by providing shade. Make sure there’s a canopy available if required.

[4] Be prepared – no one comes to a wedding to sunbathe, so the likelihood is your guests will not bring sun protection along. Prevent sunburn by providing sunscreen in all factor ranges.

[5] Be a reverse messiah – your guests will be after beer and wine, but drinking alcohol will dehydrate them quickly. Make sure plenty of water is available, and soft drinks too.

[6] Don’t be the wardrobe Police – traditional wedding garb is not designed for summer heat. If you think the weather is likely to be stifling on your big day, then make sure your guests understand that lightweight clothing is perfectly acceptable.

[7] Choose your make up carefully – liquid foundations, blushes and eyeliners have a tendency to run in the heat, so you’ll end up looking a picture – and not in the way you hoped! Choose crayon or powered versions, and waterproof mascara.

[8] Give the chaps a break – your female attendees can wear light summer dresses, but your groomsmen will be expected to keep melting in a formal wedding suit. Make sure they get breaks where they can ditch the jackets to cool down so they can ‘go formal’ when it’s time to snap the photos.

[9] Be creative with your menu – the wedding meal does not have to be traditional if it’s going to be a hot day. How about ice-cold salads and cooling ice cream for dessert?

[10] Water will help your guests cool down – we’re not suggesting a water balloon fight or anything like that, but you can provide your guests with mist sprayers. You can also get cans of cooling spray – anything that your guests can use to stop them from getting too hot under the collar!

No one hopes for rain on their wedding day, but you might if the heat is oppressive and your guests start dropping like flies. A few well-chosen preparations and you can prevent your big day from turning into a dehydrated disaster!

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