10 tips for your perfect honeymoon plan

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10 tips for your perfect honeymoon plan

Your honeymoon is the holiday you’re most likely to remember for the rest of your life. The whirlwind of your wedding is over, and you’re spending your first days together as a wedded couple, so you’ll want your honeymoon to go as smoothly as is humanly possible.

Here are ten tips that will allow you to plan that perfect honeymoon trip.

Think outside the box – your honeymoon does not have to mean two or three weeks lying on a beach! Discuss with your partner and try to think of something that will be truly memorable. How about a visit to a historic city, or a guided hike through the Amazon rain forest?

Don’t skimp – if you want the ultimate honeymoon, then you are going to have to pay for it. Deals and discounts are available because travel companies cut corners. This is your once-in-a-lifetime trip, so save up and splash out!

Get advice over your trip – review sites are a great place to get ideas and recommendations for your prospective destination, but don’t get obsessed. Even the best hotels and destinations get the odd bad review!

It’s all in a name – make sure you arrange all your travel details in the same name that’s on your passport and other documentation. Don’t be tempted to travel under your new married name if you changed it – it will cause problems and could ending up costing you.

Pack smart – there’s no need to take along the entire contents of your wardrobe when it comes to packing. Check out what clothing is essential, and try and take the bare minimum with the odd fashionable item thrown in for when you really want to look good.

Live like the locals – don’t expect your destination to be a ‘home from home’ – when you’re abroad embrace the local culture and live like the locals do. Don’t expect a full English every morning and fish and chips for supper!

Leave your options open – don’t plan a precise calendar of your day-to-day activities. Instead, have an essential ‘to-do’ list but leave the rest of your time open. You never know what might just take your fancy once you get to your destination.

Do it for you – your family and friends are likely to give you plenty of advice regarding what to do – just smile politely and say thanks … but plan exactly what YOU want to do – it is your honeymoon after all, and what floats your boat as a couple is likely to sink others!

Don’t waste time travelling – try and keep your travelling down to a minimum. Your time is precious and too much travelling will eat into your budget! Plus travelling is exhausting!

Just the two of you – this honeymoon is a new partnership, so spend this precious time as a couple. Try and find people to look after your children if you have them, and whatever you do, do not take friends and family along for the ride!

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